Common Content

Here are common blocks used to create content.

Paragraph alignment

This paragraph is left aligned.

This paragraph is centred.

This italic paragraph is right aligned.

Ordered list

  1. The software should be licensed under the GNU Public License.
  2. The software should be freely available to anyone to use for any purpose, and without permission.
  3. The software should be open to modifications.
    1. Any modifications should be freely distributable at no cost and without permission from its creators.
  4. The software should provide a framework for translation to make it globally accessible to speakers of all languages.
  5. The software should provide a framework for extensions so modifications and enhancements can be made without modifying the core code.

Unordered list

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
    • Four
      • Five


Neither of these paragraphs care about politics, but this one is bold, medium sized and has a drop cap.

This paragraph prefers Jazz over Justin Timberlake. It also uses the small font size.

This paragraph has something important to say:  It has a large font size, which defaults to 36px.

The huge text size defaults to 46px, but the size can be customized.

Coloured blocks should have a high enough contrast so that the text is readable.

File downloads

The File block has a setting that lets us show or hide a download button with editable text:

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